StoryConnect is our holistic and consumer-centric digital strategy framework that empowers you to engage your prospects and customers in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

4 Step Process



We begin the process by reframing the objective in the context of digital marketing. Collation of all relevant data and insights relating to the business including 1-on-1 interviews with key stakeholders.



Analyse all information to determine Digital Maturity and identify issues and opportunities.



Apply proprietary strategic frameworks to develop to address focus areas across marketing technology stack, consumer experience, media, messaging and nurturing to sales.



Clear definition of the metrics that matter along with plans for tracking, reporting on and optimising digital marketing activity.

StoryConnect™ FAQ


Is StoryConnect™ right for my business?

If you have clients, StoryConnect™ is for you! The resulting consumer-centric digital strategy will identify the tech, content and actions that need to be taken to move towards true consumer-centric digital marketing.


Where can I find more details about StoryConnect™?

Because every business is different the particular elements that makeup StoryConnect™ vary from business-to-business, for this reason, it is recommended to get in contact to discuss your challenges and needs.


Do all 4 phases of StoryConnect™ have to be executed in one go?

Not at all. If you already have the elements that make up “Discover” or “Dissect” covered, we can likely proceed with other features supported by your data.


We have a small team with limited time... how much of our time will be required?

StoryConnect™ was developed specifically to help stretched teams assess their digital marketing maturity, identify next steps and form a prioritised plan to move forward.


How much does StoryConnect™ cost?

The cost varies based on your specific needs.


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